Cars produce many noises, making it difficult to know the normal ones from the bad ones. However, if you constantly use your vehicle, you may know what sound is unusual. Ignoring such sounds may lead to costlier and more serious repairs. Therefore, if you hear any of the following noises, consider bringing your car into our auto repair shop for inspection:


High-pitched screeching often comes when you press on the brakes with pressure. This sound is an indication that your brakes are worn out, and it’s time to replace them. Failure to replace them may cause the brakes to fail, possibly damaging other components in your vehicle.


A hissing sound from your engine may indicate that the engine is overheating. It may also indicate that there is a leak from the cooling system. Consider taking your car for inspection if you hear this sound, for it can impact the vehicle’s drivability.


Knocking sounds also come from your engine, and they are never a good sign. A knocking sound may result from poor valve clearance or something simple as adding a lubricant. Nevertheless, please don’t ignore this sound, for it might create a bigger problem, costing you more on repairs.


You’ll most likely hear the clunking sounds when you run over potholes, rocks, or bumps. This can be due to a loose exhaust system, failed shocks, or worn-out bushes.


Another sound to listen for is your car’s exhaust pipe rumbling. You are likely to hear this sound even more when accelerating. The sounds may be due to a hole in the muffler or worn-out pipes. Consider having your car checked as soon as possible, for a leak could cause dangerous fumes to get to the passengers.


Repeated squealing noises are likely to come from your drive belts. Worn-out belts tend to slip, making a squealing noise. Consider replacing the belt as soon as you hear the sounds to avoid further damage.

If you hear any of the above noises, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle to Revolution Motor Works to get a thorough and professional vehicle inspection today!

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