The battery of your car plays an important role in its operation. Powering the electrical components of the vehicle – most importantly the starter – is an essential part of the engine. A weak battery may leave you unable to use your vehicle, and should this happen in the winter, it could be a danger to your health. That’s why you should watch out for these warning signs that your battery may be nearing the end of its life cycle.

  1. Dim Headlights
    As the source of power to your vehicle’s electrical system, a weak battery will not provide the required power to the electrical components, which will cause your headlights to shine less brightly than usual. This can be extremely dangerous for people who drive at night.
  2. Clicking Noise / Slow Start
    With a well-functioning battery, your vehicle should start as you turn the key. Any delays during this process, such as clicking noises or the engine simply not turning over may indicate a faulty battery.
  3. Battery Is Corroded / Heavily Coated
    Battery acid can often seep out of the connection points, causing a build-up on the top of the battery. Wiping away any film or corrosion at the connection points may work for a short time, however, this will cause your battery to not function at its optimal voltage, or may not allow it to operate efficiently.
  4. Car Doesn’t Start
    Cars are designed to start by simply engaging the ignition. While several tries to start your car with eventual success may imply an issue with the starter, the inability to start may be your vehicle’s way of indicating the need for a battery change.
  5. Backfiring Engine
    A battery at the end of its life may create sparks, which would cause fuel to collect in engine cylinders. The ignition of this fuel can cause a reaction called a backfire. It’s important to have this problem diagnosed professionally, as several different factors including a weak battery may cause backfiring.

These are just a few of the signs to be aware of. If you think you may need a car battery replacement, bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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