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Many consumers associate insurance companies with complicated paperwork, sneaky disclaimers, and fine print. However, given that dealing with auto insurance companies is an unavoidable part of life for most people, we’ve put together our list of top 5 tips to make your interactions with your auto insurance company as painless as possible.

    • Don’t go overboard with requesting quotes. Each time you officially request a car insurance quote from an insurance company, it will result in a query into your credit history. Having too many credit inquiries in a short period of time will lower your credit score.
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Keep in mind that if your credit score falls, your car insurance will increase. To prevent this from happening, consider using a website that will compare multiple quotes at once.

  • Don’t be rude. In the same way that yelling at customer service reps on the phone rarely results in better service or results, being rude to your insurance claims adjusters will most likely not lead to you getting the best insurance rates and payouts possible. Even though dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating and confusing, stay calm and friendly on the phone, and remember that the rep on the other end of the line is a real person too.
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  • Watch out for the deductibles. For those of you newer to the world of auto insurance, your deductible is the sum of money that the insurance company will not pay out when you file a claim. This means that you are responsible for paying any claims below the amount of your deductible. If your claim is higher that the amount of your deductible, you will pay the deductible and the insurance company will cover the remaining amount. If you choose a insurance plan with a low deductible, you will pay less money out-of-pocket if you have auto issues, but your insurance rate will be pricier, and vice versa. So consider the tradeoffs between low and high deductibles when deciding what auto insurance plan to purchase.
  • Keep Careful Documentation. One of the best ways to prevent having an insurance claim rejected is by having careful documentation of all the money that you lost or spent due to your car accident. Keep copies of repair costs and your car payment history, along with medical bills, dates of doctor visits, and prescription receipts. If you are unable to work due to your accident, save your old pay stubs as proof of your pay rate, so that you can include a claim for lost wages. With careful documentation, you can negotiate with your insurance adjuster to get a higher payout in the event of an accident.

At Revolution Motorworks, we are a licensed Maryland auto shop based in Carroll County with years of experience helping car owners fix their automobile problems. We specialize in import cars, and offer a variety of services such as oil and filter changes, transmission services, brake and tire services, and more. If you have any questions about your car or dealing with auto insurance companies, our team is happy to help!

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