Having a car is a big responsibility. Even the most rugged and well-made automobile requires regular maintenance, so keep an eye out for the following seven signs that your car needs to spend some time in the shop:

1. A cracked windshield is one that needs to be replaced. An automobile windshield is designed to shatter a certain way during an emergency. If it’s already cracked, however, it may not behave as intended during a collision, leading to injury – or worse.

2. A flashing ‘check engine’ light is a sure sign that something needs immediate attention. Unless you’re skilled in automotive repair, identifying the problem on your own will be difficult, at best. Remember that it’s better to address major problems on your own time rather than trying to deal with them halfway into a trip to grandma’s house.

3. Have a mechanic look at a exhaust pipe that seems to be smoking more than it usually does. Often caused by an oil leak, an exhaust pipe that gives off a lot of gray, white, or blue smoke usually indicates that things are burning where they shouldn’t be.

Auto Repair

4. If smoke or steam starts coming from under the hood, remove the vehicle from traffic and call for help. If this happens to you, your engine is probably overheating or on fire, both of which are sure to ruin the best of days.

5. If fluids are leaking or dripping from the bottom of the car, a hose or pipe is probably damaged, loose, or missing. If the escaping fluid is green or orange, chances are it’s coolant or antifreeze, which your car needs to not overheat. If the fluid makes a dark patch on asphalt or a rainbow pattern on top of water, your car is leaking oil. Motor oil is hazardous to the environment, and your car needs it to run smoothly, so fix oil leaks quickly.

6. Mysterious noises while driving are warnings that something’s wrong. Squeaking, grinding, knocking, whining, crunching, and banging are all signs that something is loose, wearing down, or about to fail. Bring your car to a licensed professional if you hear anything amiss.

Auto Repair

7. Bumpiness or a hard ride usually indicate that you car has suspension issues. A damaged suspension can negatively affect a vehicle’s turning ability and fuel efficiency. If your car isn’t riding as comfortably as it used to, have it checked out by a certified mechanic.

The longer you wait to address a problem, the worse it will get, and the more expensive it will be to fix. Your car does a lot for you – do it and your wallet a favor by letting the trustworthy specialists at Revolution Motor Works give it the care it needs to get you there and back again safely.

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