The coolant pressure warning light is an important one – your vehicle is telling you that your engine is overheating due to low coolant. If this light has turned on and you’re wondering if you can continue driving, the answer is you shouldn’t. An overheating engine can lead to engine damage which can be costly repair. The quicker you can get your vehicle into our shop to get this issue repaired, the better off your car will be and the more money you will save. 

The damage to your engine due to overheating can range from failed head gaskets to damaged pistons and valve stems, and even cracks in the cylinder heads. All of which can be costly repair, and definitely repairs you want to avoid. As soon as you see this warning light turn on, here’s what we recommend doing: 

  • If you’re driving, try to pull over safely and turn off the engine. 
  • After letting the engine cool, check your vehicle’s coolant level. 
  • If the coolant is low, you can fill it with 50% antifreeze and 50% distilled water. This is only a temporary fix though until you can get your vehicle into our shop. 

A coolant pressure warning light means low coolant, which typically is caused by a leak somewhere in the system. The faster you get this issue taken care of, the better, because leaking coolant can also cause damage to parts. We recommend getting your vehicle into our experts here at Revolution Motor Works as soon as possible. We can perform a visual inspection and testing to determine what is cause your coolant pressure to be low. We can also assess if the problem caused any other damage that may need to be repaired, but if you get your vehicle into us right away, chances are the damage caused will be minimum to none. 

If you need a cooling system repair, bring your vehicle into Revolution Motor Works today! 

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