Depending on how you handle your vehicle significantly impacts your fuel economy. Whether gas prices are rising or not, you can still save some coin by making minor adjustments to your driving habits. Here is our guide on how to get a bang for your buck when it comes to gas mileage.


  • Avoid Heavy Acceleration & Excessive Braking.According to Consumer Reports, speeding on the highway can significantly decrease your car’s fuel efficiency. As you can imagine, the more we accelerate, the more fuel is being burned. On the other hand, when we impulsively press on the brakes, we also waste the energy that we initially used to speed up before. To save money in the long run, avoid harsh acceleration and braking whenever possible. 
  • Unload Junk or Heavy Items.  Unless you drive a U-Haul, heavyitems are not suited for long-term storage in your car. Do your best to remove any unnecessary junk that has been sitting in your vehicle. Not only will you be improving your gas mileage, but you’ll feel better with the declutter.
  • Limit AC/Heat when possible.  The higher you power up the air conditioning in the summer(or heating in the winter), your car will draw more fuel from its tank. You can anticipate a decrease of 1-4 mpg with the air conditioning running.
  • Tire Maintenance. All things regarding your tires (tire rotations, tire pressure, tire tread, etc.) have a significant impact on your fuel economy. As a responsible owner, be sure to have your wheels inspected and met with its factory requirements. 

If you incorporate some of these best practices into your life, you’re guaranteed to see an improvement in your fuel economy! If you require vehicle maintenance to ensure you get the best gas mileage, give us a call or bring your vehicle to Revolution Motor Works.

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