Besides the security of your home, your car brakes should also be a top priority when maintain and protecting your assets. You need to ensure that the brakes are always in top working condition for you and your loved ones. You can rely on your looking or listening to establish whether you need new brakes. Check out for the following:

Growling and Grinding

The growling and grinding of the brakes are a result of the caliper and the brake disk rubbing against each other. This is one of the top ways of knowing that you need new brakes as the noise produced is very loud. Such a mechanical hitch means your brake pads are completely worn out and is very dangerous as it could cause your car to break on its own. As you drive, try listening if there is any sound coming from any of your tires, as it could be a god-sent sign for brake pad change.

Brake Unresponsiveness

As you drive, you will notice when your brakes lose responsiveness. As soon as this happens, you need to redo your schedule to add in a visit to the garage. Brake unresponsiveness may be a result of brake fluid leak, an issue with the brake line, or worn-out brake pads. You can also check for brake responsiveness while parking or while pulling out of the parking before starting your escapades. Consider visiting your mechanic in case you suffer any brake unresponsiveness issues while driving.

Vehicle Vibration

The vehicle vibrating while you are braking is a big indicator of vehicle rotors warping. The loss of tire balance and alignment is a result of braking under harsh conditions or prolonged braking and is another indicator for a change of the car braking system. You might feel some resistance as a result of friction with the loss of alignment and balance. There is no reason to panic if you experience this for the first time but you do need to get new brakes or consult with your mechanic for the best cause of action.


Pulling is a less common problem associated with braking. While braking, the vehicle pulls to one side which is a sign of the brake pads or the lining wearing out. You may want to get new brakes when it gets to this.

It is only wise that you make it a habit to get your car brakes checked out often and do replacements when expected if you want to avoid the consequences of turning a blind eye.

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