Windshield wipers serve an important purpose when it comes to your vehicle. In the rain, your wipers wipe away the water so that you can continue to see the road clearly. When your windshield is caked in dirt, your wipers and wiper fluid allow you to clean your windshield to see the road again. Faulty windshield wipers can put you in a dangerous position while driving in certain situations, which is why you should always pay attention to your wipers and replace them when needed.

How often do windshield wipers actually need to be replaced? On average, wipers should be replaced yearly, if not every 6 months. The frequency depends on the weather, and how often you find yourself parking in direct heat. There are certain signs that you can look out for that can indicate its time to replace your wipers. 

A visual inspection of your wipers: 

If your windshield wipers look cracked, frayed, dry, or peeling, these are all signs that you need to replace them. They should look smooth and feel smooth to the touch, and not have any obvious defects. 

Parking in direct sunlight or the summertime can cause wipers to dry out very quickly. This is why we recommend replacing your wipers before the fall season every year. 

Turning on your wipers: 

When you actually turn on your wipers, if you notice that they are skipping in certain areas, smearing around water or fluid, or leaving streaks, it’s time to replace your wipers. 

Another sign that you need a replacement when turning them on is a chattering or squeaking noise, even when there is water or fluid on your windshield. 

Pay attention to your wipers and replace them as soon as you believe you need to. It is a relatively inexpensive service and will ensure that you have them when you need them. Trust us, you don’t want to get caught in a rainstorm with faulty wipers. 

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