One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to car maintenance is “how often should I change or flush my coolant” or “do I need to flush my coolant at all”. Here’s a brief background on coolant fluid and what it does for your car to help you better understand our answer to those questions.


Coolant is essentially a mixture of water and antifreeze and is used to cool the engine down to prevent it from overheating. Most engine problems happen due to coolant leaks or damages to the cooling system. The coolant draws the heat away from the engine so that it does not overheat. As you can tell, the cooling system and its coolant play a big role in your overall engine operation.

Over time, the engine’s coolant can deteriorate and become electrically charged. In other words, it can corrode the cooling system components, which will eventually cause leaks. Experts recommend inspecting the coolant fluid at least twice a year.

Even if the fluid levels seem sufficient, you should check around the reservoir area and the cooling system parts for premature signs of corrosion. The industry standard for coolant change intervals is around every 30,000 miles to avoid major engine repairs down the line.  


If you are looking forward to a professional coolant fluid change or flush, we invite you to Revolution Motor Works today. Feel free to let our trained mechanics take the guesswork out of draining and swapping out your coolant so that your engine can run at peak performance.

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