No one wants to get into their car on their way to a destination to find that their car won’t start. If you get into your car and crank the ignition and your car doesn’t start up, your vehicle may have a dead battery. A dead battery is never fun, and during the summer, batteries can tend to die quicker and more suddenly. 

Here are some ways on how to avoid a dead battery this summer: 

Try to park your vehicle in parking lot structures, out of the sun, and in the shade. 

Have your vehicle charge tested before hitting the road for a long drive. If it has been a while since your last new battery, it doesn’t hurt to have your battery charge checked. If your battery is nearing the end of its life, a new battery is a good idea. 

Unplug any cords that aren’t being used and reduce A/C use if possible. 

Keep your vehicle clean to reduce the overall effort that your vehicle needs to move. 

Think about investing in a car battery charger. If you’re heading out on a really long road trip, this can come in handy in times of need. 

If you plan on driving a lot during this summer season, be sure to follow the tips above to help you avoid a dead battery during the summer.

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