It’s football season, and if you’re a big fan, chances are you plan on going to watch your favorite team play. Most visitors will tailgate before the game, which is just a time to spend time to friends and family and eat and drink before the game starts. If you do plan on tailgating, be sure to consider the following tips on how to create the ultimate tailgate this season: 

  • Be sure to bring a cooler filled with ice and all of the drinks you will need during your party
  • Bring a portable grill to cook your food, a propane gas powered one is a good idea since power probably won’t be as easy to set up
  • Pack portable chairs and a table for relaxing and a place to store food after its cooked for family and friends to dig in
  • Consider purchasing or bringing along a tarp or tent top that will block the sun and keep you in the shade
  • If you really want to take your tailgate to the next level, bringing a TV and stereo system can put your party over the edge. You may need a generator for power however, so that you don’t run down your car battery
  • Be sure to check the weather before the big day to ensure that you are dressed properly and have the right equipment to keep you comfortable in any weather

Make sure that your vehicle is well maintained and won’t break down during your of fun. If it’s been a while since your last vehicle inspection or you want to get your car checked out before game day, bring your vehicle into Revolution Motor Works today. 

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