Porsche. The very name conjures up images of daring speed, exquisite handling, and timeless style. Loving care and regular maintenance mean that a majority of Porsches ever built are still in use.

If you’re the lucky owner of a Porsche automobile, you more than likely cherish it and want to keep it in top condition for as long as possible. Get expert assistance in reaching this goal by turning to Revolution Motor Works

Every car needs regular maintenance and servicing to safely transport you and your loved ones to wherever life may lead. Without factoring in the cost of brakes (which should be maintained at least once annually), expect to spend upwards of two hundred dollars a year on standard servicing for your Porsche. Have your Porsche maintained at least every 10,000 miles. Major servicing or repairs for luxury sports vehicles of this kind can cost six hundred dollars or more, which is still cost-effective compared to going in for emergency repairs when something breaks.

Cheap, aftermarket materials such as brake rotors, water pumps, struts, sway bars, or spark plugs are not suited for Porsche maintenance and repairs, as these have not been designed for minimum weight but maximum performance. Using brake pads approved by Porsche means that your sports car can stop quickly without producing large volumes of engine-clogging dust. And by using approved repair parts, your beloved 911 or Cayenne will always perform to your exacting driving standards.

It’s also important to fill your Porsche’s engine with the right type of oil, depending on its model and year. Modern engines are designed for synthetic oils, whereas ones from decades past need mineral-based oils to function properly. Turbo-charged models should have their oil changed every 5,000 miles, standard models every 7,000 miles. Using cheaper oils than the ones recommended in the owner’s manual included with your vehicle can cause a variety of problems with its performance and correct functioning, so demand the best, every time. A standard price for a quart of high-quality oil is roughly $10, and today’s Porsches usually need ten quarts.


The door and ignition key that lets you operate a modern Porsche has to be mated to the vehicle’s onboard computers before use. Since keys of this type can cost a couple of hundred dollars each and require proof of ownership, you’ll gain peace of mind by choosing a trustworthy and capable mechanic to assist you.

As a general rule, water-cooled Porsche engines are less expensive to maintain than air-cooled ones. Don’t let a check-engine light or inferior repairs ruin the pleasure of a perfected driving experience. We specialize in the repair and maintenance of Porsche automobiles old and new. For a detailed estimate and careful analysis of the work your Porsche might need, bring your treasured vehicle to the Porsche professionals at Revolution Motor Works, today!

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