Certain weather conditions can make driving more dangerous and risky, especially during rainstorms. Even in the rain, we are usually still required to drive to our jobs, or school, or to run errands. If you need to drive during the rain, be sure to make note of the following tips that will help you stay safe on the road. 

Drive more carefully and slowly. While driving in the rain, your visibility is decreased dramatically and your ability to control your vehicle may be altered. It is important to drive slower and more carefully in the rain to avoid accidents. 

Try to avoid braking and accelerating quickly. It is much harder for your tires to grip the street in the rain, so trying to avoid slamming on the brakes or accelerating too quickly will reduce the risk of skidding or hydroplaning. 

Change your windshield wipers. Properly working windshield wipers is extremely important when it comes to driving in the rain. Wipers should be changed at least once a year, and should not

 be skipping or smearing water when on. 

Have your tires inspected. Tires need to have a good amount of tread, be properly balanced and aligned, and be properly inflated to ensure your safety on the road in the rain. 

Check all headlights, brake lights, and blinkers. All of your exterior lights should be working well so that your movements on the road are seen visibly by other drivers and so that you can see accurately if driving at night. 

Minimize your driving time. If possible, try to minimize your driving time in the rain. Prepare accordingly so that you can stay safe indoors! 

All of the tips above will help you stay safe on the road this winter season. If you need your tires checked, windshield wipers changed, or light inspected, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle into our shop here at Revolution Motor Works. 

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