Not all college students will have the luxury of staying on campus, and if you are attending a local community college, you may not have this option. Over 80% of all college students are considered commuters, so it is relatively common to drive to school each day. 

With the hustle and bustle of thousands of students driving to school each morning and night, you’ll most likely run into some traffic and possible parking issues. The most important thing to remember is give yourself plenty of time to arrive to class on time and to always drive safely. 

Here are some tips for daily college commuting that will protect you and your vehicle: 

  • Leave early, especially in the first couple of weeks of school. This is when school tends to be the most crowded, so there will be traffic and lots of cars on the road. This will prevent you from stressing out and trying to rush to school.
  • Have your parking already planned out. You may have trouble finding parking for the first couple of weeks, so getting to school early and figuring out a place to park that won’t be stressful is key. Often times, larger schools will have a park and ride program, which may be something to look into if you want to avoid the parking crowds. 
  • Watch carefully for pedestrians around school areas. Many students will be walking about so for everyone’s safety, be sure to proceed around school areas with caution and watch for walkers. 
  • Practice safe driving when going to and from school. Obey traffic laws and avoid speeding, that way you can get to school and arrive home safely. 
  • Have your vehicle inspected before the school year. This will make sure that your vehicle is in top working condition and won’t leave you stranded on a school day. 

We hope this tips will be helpful if you’re planning on commuting to college. If your vehicle is due for an inspection before the busy school season, give us a call here at Revolution Motor Works and we will ensure that your vehicle is ready! 

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