You probably bought the import car in your driveway because of the way it looks and because of the way it runs. Make sure it looks and runs in top form by taking it to a trusted local mechanic and keeping the following tips in mind:

A flashy car that doesn’t run well defeats the purpose of owning it.

With this in mind, set aside time and money to maximize its performance. The first step in making your import car run like new is keeping up with regular maintenance. Changing the oil every six months or 5,000 miles, making sure all fluids are topped up, and keeping an eye on tire-inflation are simple ways to show your car the tender, loving care it deserves. For optimal engine longevity and performance, install the best spark plugs available. High-quality fluids and top-of-the-line parts such as air intake filters and carburetors will help keep your vehicle running in peak shape for as long as possible. If you hear, smell, or see anything on or in your car that is weird, unusual, or out of the ordinary, take it to a qualified mechanic without delay. Getting the jump on problems while they’re still small is a sure way to keep your car running like new for years to come.

Drive with cautious assertion in order to avoid accidents by giving way, slowing down, and avoiding road rage. Collisions can cause damage in hard-to-reach places that are often difficult to see or diagnose, which makes steering clear of other drivers an important part of long-term automobile ownership (and personal safety).

Once your car is running well, it’s time to focus on its appearance. While keeping your import car in peak running condition, set aside a few hours each week, or month, to make it look good, too. You can learn the art of detailing by viewing videos online or hiring a auto maintenance company like Revolution Motor Works.

Vehicle Clean-Up

Make a ritual out of cleaning your car by dedicating two hours of each weekend, or day off, to the task. Your import car is special to you, so set aside a couple of soft-bristled toothbrushes and microfiber rags to be used only for the purpose of making your treasured whip look its best.

Long hoses can scuff upholstery, and extension cords can be a pain to haul around, so consider purchasing a small, hand-held vacuum cleaner, preferably one that has a flexible hose attachment for reaching into tight or cramped spaces.

The import car specialists and performance-maximizing experts at Revolution Motor Works are happy to help you keep the vehicle you cherish in peak condition for as long as you own it. Contact us for a maintenance appointment, today!

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