As you drive your car, it’s crucial that we remain aware of our car moves. Whether it’s your gas pedal, exhaust pipes, or carburetor, all of these parts must work properly to get to you from point A to point b. One major part is brake fluid, which helps our brakes to stop when needed. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, brake fluid is released into the lines. As the fluid enters the lines, the brake pads to clamp on the motors, causing your car to stop. However, there are some signs when your car does not stop right, due to having low brake fluid.

Check the Reservoir

You can check the brake pad reservoir in the engine bay, to check the level of fluid. Make sure that the level is between minimum and maximum, as well as look at the color of the fluid. The fluid’s color should be translucent and not dark or cloudy.

The Brake Pads are Worn and Lower Than Usual

Brake pads that are worn out are taking in more air than usual in the hydraulic system, taking in less pressure. The brake fluid is supposed to supply pressure to the brake pads. With less pressure, more brake fluid is released than usual, to make the car come to a stop. This means that it could be time for replacing brake pads as well.

The Brake Fluid is Leaking

The main part of the brake system is the master cylinder, which boosts brake performance and releases brake fluid. The leaks could be caused by any of these parts being damaged: master cylinder, bleeder valve to release air, brake line to carry fluid to and from the master cylinder, wheel cylinder or piston seal.

The Brake Fluid is Brown or Black

Your brake fluid is supposed to be a clear liquid. When the brake fluid is brown or black, it means it could be contaminated or has too much moisture. With contamination or moisture, the system lacks pressure, using more brake fluid than usual. It could also be caused by natural aging going unchecked, including weakening rubber lines, or normal heating.

You can follow these steps to ensure your brakes are functioning well. It’s best to take your car to Revolution Motor Works for the best brake system care. Stop by our shop today to ensure safety for you and your loved ones.

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