Starter failure problems are quite common. Unfortunately, most drivers and car owners tend to confuse them with other car issues. Your car starting system is intricate, composed of numerous components working together to get the motor running. The starter motor is overly integral as it spins the flywheel bringing the pistons into motion to generate enough compression to start your car. When the starter fails, it will impact your capacity to start and operate your car. Here are some tale tell signs to look out for:


It mostly happens when the starter gear is completely worn out or is unable to engage properly. Even so, your car might also produce a whirring sound or none at all when the starter is faulty. If left unattended, this could translate to incredible damages to your vehicle’s engine flywheel.


Your car will not start when its starter is failing, even if you jumpstart it. Often, this is due to a burnt-out starter motor or electrical failure affecting its performance. It might also be caused by a dead battery, and it would be best if you contacted your technician for inspection and clarity.


Sometimes, your car’s starter tends to overheat from the constant power supply to the starter gear. Consequently, you might notice or smell smoke emanating from under the engine. This might indicate a blown fuse, ignition problems, or a short circuit. It could also be a result of continuous driving and, therefore, extensive starter operation. Whichever the case, you should check in with your mechanic as soon as possible.


When your car’s starter is failing, you might notice a significant dimming of the headlights or interior lights. Usually, the car battery supplies a particular level of current to get the starter running. Dimming lights could indicate a short circuit drawing excess current to the starter, overwhelming the electrical system.

If you notice any of the above mentioned signs, contact your mechanic for a full inspection and diagnostic services. If you need starting or charging system repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today.

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