If you’ve ever had your vehicle’s suspension system repaired, you may be familiar with the term “shocks and struts”. You may be aware that the struts are integral components within the suspension system and are important to the overall driveability of your car. But, what exactly is a strut and what does it do within your vehicle? 

A strut is a component of your vehicle’s suspension system, which is the system that is connected to the wheels and the chassis of your car. The suspension system not only supports the weight of your entire vehicle, but it also helps ensure that your tires travel straight and that your ride is smooth by absorving the impact of various bumps and uneven roads. It also helps to ensure that you can turn your vehicle properly when you need to.

The strut itself is made up of two parts: the shock absorbers and a spring. The spring is typically a coil spring and its job is to hold up the weight of your car and help absorb excess movement. The shock absorbers use a hydraulic system to absorb movement through the use of fluids which helps to dampen the vibrations you may feel in the cabin of the car.  

Since the struts hold up the weight of your car and do most of the absorbing of shock, they tend to wear down or leak fluid over time. This is why we recommend that they are inspected periodically and replaced if needed. If you are unsure of how often they should be inspected or replaced, your vehicle’s owner’s manual will outline a proper interval for shock and strut inspection. However, if you suspect a problem with your suspension system, the experts here at Revolution Motor Works can perform an inspection as soon as you need it. 

If you do need a strut or shock absorber replacement or repair, give us a call here today at Revolution Motor Works and we would be happy to help!

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