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Cooling System Services

FINKSBURG cooling services

The cooling system regulates engine temperature by circulating coolant or antifreeze liquid just outside the combustion chambers. The cooling system lets your car start and run, no matter if it’s freezing or sweltering out. If you’ve ever discovered that green or orange liquid has leaked out and pooled under your car, that fluid is more than likely coolant or antifreeze. The radiator is part of a car’s cooling system, where outside air is used to change the temperature of coolant circulating inside the engine.

Full list of our cooling repair services


Many people in Finksburg and the surrounding areas trust us with their vehicle repairs because we offer:

Cooling System Drain and Fill

We’ll drain the cooling system and flush the lines with fresh coolant. Then, we’ll perform a visual inspection of the cooling system and pressure-test the whole thing for leaks. After we’ve made sure that the system is not leaking at any point along its course, we’ll top off the cooling fluid to the exact level recommended by the manufacturer.

Cooling System Power Flush

We’ll drain the vehicle coolant and flush all old coolant out of the system with clean water and a cleaning solution. After the cooling system is clean and rinsed, we’ll refill it with high-quality, fresh coolant. Then, we’ll perform a visual inspection of the hoses, pumps, and thermostats that make up the cooling system before pressure testing it for leaks. Your engine’s temperature is crucial to the lifespan of your car. If the engine gets too hot, heads can warp, gaskets can fail, and your vehicle can seize up. Reduce worry and keep your car on the road by having its cooling system maintained regularly.

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