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Fuel System and Intake Cleaning

ATS Carbon Clean

At Revolution Motor Works we want you to get the most performance and fuel economy from your car or truck. 

Modern engines use direct injection to inject the gas into the engine to burn. This is great technology but the downside is increased carbon build-up. Carbon builds up in engines over time as part of the combustion process and this will start to cause problems such as misfiring, incomplete combustion, engine warning lights, reduced / sluggish performance, higher fuel consumption, emission test failures, and driveability faults. Carbon build-up occurs in port-injected engines and is especially prominent in gasoline direct-injection (GDI) engines. To solve this problem we invested in ATS Carbon cleaning machine.


Many people in Finksburg and the surrounding areas trust us with their vehicle repairs because we offer:

It Doesn't Take A Lot Of Carbon To Affect Your Engine

Carbon caking up can cause a variety of malfunctions, from incorrect injection spray patterns to disruption of the stratified fuel mixture and blocked fuel injector nozzles.

The ATS 3C uses a chemical that dissolves and melts away 80% or more of the carbon, which is then burned away so it does not contaminate or damage the catalytic converter. The unique delivery system removes carbon rapidly and efficiently.

Why Carbon Cleaning?

Removing coked-up carbon results in a higher efficiency engine, smoother operation, and elimination of malfunctions and future damage.

The ATS system makes it possible to return your engine to its original specifications, thus ensuring longevity and restoring engine performance. 

Revolution Motor Works has the right tools for the job. We can get your car running up to peak performance quickly!

This service is especially helpful for the AUDI and Volkswagen FSI and TFSI engines. It works great on the BMW and Mini direct-injected engines as well. Almost all direct-injected engines can benefit from the ATS carbon clean service.

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