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Transmission services

Finksburg Transmission Services

The transmission takes power from the engine and transfers it to the wheels that move your car. Simple, right? Actually, the transmission is, one of the most complex parts of your vehicle. The transmission has its own special fluid that helps it shift smoothly and reliably. This lubricant, which is the lifeblood of the transmission, requires periodic maintenance by trained technicians to keep your vehicle driving smoothly and efficiently.

Heavy loads and stop-and-go traffic on a hot day are sure to strain any transmission. More than 90% of automatic transmission failures are linked to fluid overheating or contamination. We recommend inspecting and servicing your transmission every 30,000 miles or 2 years, whatever comes first.

Whether your vehicle has a CVT transmission, DSG transmission, Automatic transmission, Manual transmission, or any other type of transmission, our team at Revolution Motor Works has the expertise to maintain and repair any transmission concerns you have. We have the special tools and diagnostic equipment, as well as the technical skills, required to service today’s hi-tech transmissions.

Full list of our transmission services


Many people in Finksburg and the surrounding areas trust us with their vehicle repairs because we offer:

Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

We perform a transmission fluid exchange to remove all dirty fluid and contamination in order to replace it with fresh, clean fluid. We’ll add a special cleaning chemical to the vehicle’s transmission to safely remove harmful sludge and varnish deposits, which are flushed out with the old fluid. We will then install a special fluid flush machine to the vehicle that will replace 95% of the old transmission fluid with fresh fluid. We also add a fluid conditioner to help extend the life of the new fluid, help eliminate hard or rough shifting, revitalize seals and o-rings, and protect the internal moving parts of the transmission.

We use only high-quality, manufacturer-approved transmission fluid in all fluid exchanges. Help protect your investment and prolong the life of your transmission by performing a transmission fluid exchange every 30-60,000 miles, as recommended by your manufacturer.

Manual Transmission Service

Heat and friction can slowly break down manual transmission fluid. In addition, very small particles of metal can wear or chip off the gears and mix with the fluid. Fluids can also become contaminated with water due to condensation within the transmission.

Replacing transmission fluids according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations helps extend the life of your transmission, improve your transmission’s performance, and keep it shifting smoothly. In addition, replacing your transmission fluid also helps reduce wear on gears and minimize your risk of transmission failure and costly repairs.

Manufacturers recommend replacement at regular intervals to maintain your warranty, so having the job done on schedule will help maintain your warranty. We’ll evacuate the spent fluid on a manual-shift transmission and refill it with a fluid that meets manufacturer specifications.

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